Reach Out To Learn and Serve

At Learning Hands Preschool and Day Care, we provide an excellent solution to the needs of building early foundation education. We are committed to lay and build a strong early years education that will impact children’s lives in and out of school.
Our curriculum and care stimulate and nurture growth. We strive to make each child’s day fruitful by providing a conducive environment to increase children’s ability to communicate, promote independence and social behaviour.


Learning Hands Preschool curriculum is based on active and sensory engaging experiences. It provides knowledge and skills that prepare children to explore and know the world around them. Read more


Children in Learning Hands Preschool will acquire a strong sense of identity through social and personal learning. Learning Hands Preschool believes in integrating with the community. Read more


Invest in Education and make a difference in children’s lives. Future leaders are groom from young. The first few years of a child’s life are the most important as it builds the foundation in shaping a child’s future. Read more